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Species - Enogote by geckoZen Species - Enogote by geckoZen


Common elements: Most Enogotes tend to have an affinity for secondary elements, or multiple affinities. The most common affinities are subtypes of Fire and Air. Enogotes with an affinity for Earth subtypes are less common. An Enogote with a single pure element is particularly rare.

Hereditary magic: An Enogote is very likely to inherit the aptitude for their parents' affinity, but not really the affinity itself. When they are born, the appear "magicless," though they are quick to gain their affinity through environmental influence. That is when their tail will start to grow.

Elemental weaknesses/resistances:

Water: Water can cause an Enogote's magic to become erratic and hard to control, resulting in it damaging the Enogote themself. Or it could temporarily disable their magic completely. They are very susceptible to offensive Water magic, and when hit hard by an attack it can cause their tail to fall off. (also, they are terrible swimmers and many have severe hydrophobia.) 

Earth: This can make an Enogote feel drained, sluggish, and overall weak. Like Water, offensive Earth magic can also cause their tails to fall off from shock.

Air+subtypes: Almost no Enogote is susceptible to Air, and most are very familiar with it.

Poison: They're not really immune to this, but it takes a lot for Poison to start effecting them negatively.

Common locations: Enogotes are native to Teslic Yard, though they mostly like to reside in bigger cities. Particularly Gloam.

Climate preferences: They prefer to live on higher grounds where the air is dryer. Plateaus, mountains, and deserts are ideal. Most of them dislike living in caves or underground in general, as it makes them feel uneasy.

Level of intellegence: All Enogotes are capable of higher-level thinking, such as the ability to plan ahead, to reason, rationalize, and to understand abstract concepts and principles.

Language: More information is needed. For now, we assume most speak Common. They seem to learn new languages fairly quick.

Trivia: Enogotes often have trouble learning to control the magic they're affiliated with, but once they've mastered it, it becomes a very big part of their lives. Most will pick careers based on their affinities and their tail's functions (which are very much related). 

The common practice of modifying their bodies can include making their tails more useful or aesthetically pleasing, dying their fur, and changing their horns drastically to match their tail. Some will even remove their horns and get them replaced with new materials. Some can use their magic to 'weld' non-organic parts to their body so it becomes practically permanent. Most Enogotes' horns are naturally metalic with ridges and curves.

They enjoy fruits with thick skins, and dishes made from small to medium prey animals. They're big fans of the fruit-animals from the Citrico Archipelago.
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